WHMSonic. just dont bother!

I have recently set up a shoutcast streaming server based on Cpanel/WHM and WHMsonic.

A few things you should know if you are considering doing the same.

1) WHMSonic is pretty much broken and does not work with the latest version of WHMCS so unless you plan to manualy set up all acounts and offer it for free (which will work) just pretend you never heard of WHMSonic and move on.

2) The support staff at WHMSonic hardly speak engish, they will promise to look into your issue (when they acknowledge your ticket 48 hours later) and will tell you… dont worry we have a patch (that is not publicly available) for the latest version of WHMCS. It would be nice if they made that known before you buy the broken product eh?

3) The “patch” is actualy as much use as an ash tray on a motor bike. The patch means that you cannot offer cpanel accounts any more with WHMSonic only external radios and the bitrate will no longer go above 128 kbps.

So in short:

  • Its broken and will not auto set up account
  • They take a life time to get back to you
  • They have known it is broken since at least May 2010 (thats when the instructions they sent me were created) yet they continue to sell it
  • The forum, FAQ and knowledge base is broken (I assume so people cannot publicly advertise issues)
  • The php in the patch looks like its been written by a 10 year old, they did not even take the time to put the bit rates in the right order so you choose from 96,32,24,64,48,128 kbps ??
  • you will never ever be able to use it to actualy sell anything that has instant activation.

My suggestion: centrovacast it just works and it works well.


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