Cphulk lock out

Hi Folks,

One of the common mistakes when enabling cphulkd on your cpanel/whm is to not add your ip to the whitelist first which locks you out of your own cpanel/whm.

Sometimes due to the amount of brute force attempts against servers these days you can end up being locked out for hours at a time if not longer because you have root as your main cpanel/whm login.

If you can still get shell access to your server via your vps consol/webmin/ssh you can clear the locked account with the following command:

echo “delete from brutes; delete from logins;” | mysql cphulkd

This with flush the database and give you access again.

make sure you add your ip to the whitelist as soon as you have done this and if you have a dynamic ip I suggest changing either your root username to somthing less common or at the very least changing your ssh port from 22 to somthing else.

Hope this helps someone.



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