Spotify – 10 things you should know and have.

10 things you should know about or can do with spotify to maximise your usage.  

Enjoy 😉   

1. Multiple platforms  

You can run spotify on a number of platforms its not just for windows.  

Spotify for linux:  

Spotify for MAC:  

Spotify for your mobile/cell phone:  

2. Search better  

Search Spotify using modifiers to restrict and refine your results. For example, to search for Madonna’s 1983 output you enter “madonna year:1982”. You can also search for a range of years, like this: “rolling stones year:1965-1972”. Other modifiers include “album”, “artist” and “genre”. These can be combined, for example: “album:love artist:cult” only finds tracks from The Cult’s “Love”. Finally, Boolean syntax can be used to exclude keywords, like this: “genre:trip-hop NOT morcheeba”.  

Spotify boolean search  

EXCLUSIVE TRACKS: Filter bands and tracks out of search results with the Boolean NOT operator – or use the minus sign “-“.  

3. Link to part of a track  

As originally cited on the Spotify blog, you can send friends a track URI with a time index embedded in it. Copy the Spotify URI and paste it into your email or message window, then edit the URI to add ‘#time’ to the end. For example, if the track has a brilliant solo at 1:26, you append #1:26 to the end of the URI. You can also do this with HTTP links, but you’ll have to replace the hash tag “#” with “%23”.  

4. Integrate Spotify with Firefox  

FoxyTunes is one of our favourite plugins. It enables you to control Spotify (and over 30 other media players on Windows) from Firefox. You can also search for information on the current track direct from your browser. Combine it with Spotify Search for a complete search and playback solution in your browser.  


FIREFOX ONLY: Though available in versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer, Spotify support is currently exclusive to Mozilla’s browser  

5. scrobbling  

This one’s not rocket science, but it is a feature that’s not exactly promoted so we thought it worthy of mention. As with other music software, like iTunes, et al., Spotify can scrobble the music you are playing on Spotify to (i.e. send it to your profile). 

It’s super-simple to enable this link-up. Just go to the edit menu from the top-right menu bar, click preferences, scroll down three or so options and you’ll see a box. If you enter your username and password and check the “Enable scrobbling to” button, it will do just that. 


Now, your “Recently Listened Tracks” will display your Spotify streams. 


 6. Download music from spotify.  

It is indeed possible to dig in to the spotify cache however the legal aspect of this is on you.  

Details here  

7. Re-broadcast Spotify to your shoutcast server  

*Create a “loop” between headphone jack and line-in using the 2.5mm cable
*Start up Spotify app
*Start Winamp and DNAS server, connect make sure DSP Plugin is connected to the DNAS server, but do not press play on winamp (you should be able to see the spotify input signal in shoutcast DSP)
*Start up your internet radio and connect to the streaming computer using the “My Stream” entry  

supported shoutcast servers available at 

8. Keyboard Shortcuts 

Function Windows Mac
Create new playlist Ctrl-N Cmd-N
Cut Ctrl-X Cmd-X
Copy Ctrl-C Cmd-C
Copy (alternative link) Ctrl-Alt-C Cmd-Alt-C
Paste Ctrl-V Cmd-V
Delete Del Del, Backspace
Select all Ctrl-A Cmd-A
Select none Ctrl-Shift-A Cmd-Shift-A
Play/pause Space Space
Next track Ctrl-Right Cmd-Right
Previous track Ctrl-Left Cmd-Left
Volume up Ctrl-Up Cmd-Up
Volume down Ctrl-Down Cmd-Down
Mute Ctrl-Shift-Down Cmd-Shift-Down
Show help F1 Cmd-?
Give focus to address/search field Ctrl-L Cmd-Alt-F, Cmd-L
Go back (browse) Alt-Left Cmd-Alt-Left, Cmd-[
Go forward (browse) Alt-Right Cmd-Alt-Right, Cmd-]
Play selected row Enter Enter
Browse to album of selected row Ctrl-Shift-Enter Cmd-Shift-Enter
Browse to artist of selected row Ctrl-Alt-Enter Cmd-Alt-Enter
Preferences Ctrl-P Cmd-,
Logout active user Ctrl-Shift-W Cmd-Shift-W
Quit Alt-F4 Cmd-Q
Hide window Cmd-H
Hide other applications’ windows Cmd-Alt-H
Close window Cmd-W
Minimize window Cmd-M
Restore window (from hidden state) Cmd-Alt-1

9. Drag and Drop 

We all know you can copy and paste the http link, but did you know you can simply drag and drop playlists, songs, and albums straight into most instant messengers, email clients and URL shorteners. Check that. 

10. Plug-in’s Plug-in’s Plug-in’s you cant have enough. 

Take a trip to more quality spotify plug-in’s than you can shake a stick at…. one of them probably makes your morning coffee for you 😀 


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